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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads is a targeting form of advertising that are run across the Google Search & Google display networks. Advertisers pay to display ads to users searching for their products or services, or who may be browsing a website related to their products or services.

Cost-per-Click refers to the most common type of bidding on Google Ads. Advertisers only pay for clicks on their ads, rather than paying per impression as with traditional advertising methods.

Our prices start from £495 per month for the management of your campaign, in addition we recommend a minimum click spend of £750 (paid direct to Google).

We are unable to work on a commission basis because…

We can start management on a campaign immediately, however our team will still spend the first few days analysing the campaign and planning for any restructuring that may be necessary.


Due to the dynamic nature of the Google Ads system your ad won’t always show on all occasions and what you may sometimes not be representative of what other users see. Our team use Ads Diagnostic tools which we use to identify any issues with ads not being shown correctly.

Yes, a Google account is needed to use Google Ads. If you don’t have one, we can create a new Google Ads account for you and invite an email of your choosing for full admin control over your account.

Your Ad campaign’s clickspend will be billed directly by Google, you will need valid payment details on your account before Google will allow ads to run.

Google provide detailed steps on how to get an invoice, statement or payment receipt from your Google Ads account here.

Yes, please speak to an account manager about this service!

Regrettably no, we are unable to offer this service due to the way Facbeook handles account access – all ads accounts & pages require direct requests from our Achieve Rank Facebook accounts for our specialists to access.

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